Vission AM-70HM Graphite Gray 7" Digital High Resolution LED Headrest/Visor Monitor

  • Brand: Vission
  • Product Code: AM-70HM
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High resolution digital 7 inches LED monitor: The headrest monitor has a 7 inches high resolution LED display in 480 x 234 for exceptional picture clarity. This monitor is extremely versatile and can be used in many different applications, such has custom fitment inside your factory headrest, custom fitment into your factory visors, or pair it with a windshield or dash mount and it can be used as a rearview camera display.

A full array of connectivity and entertainment solutions with built-in premium DVD player/USB/SD reader/video games and enjoy movies and music on your iPod or smart phone. It has two audio/video inputs and one video input giving you plenty of expansion to connect up to three sources at one time. There's also built-in IR transmitter for use with wireless IR headphones, so your kids can be entertained without disturbing the other passengers in the vehicle. Slim and sleek design for easy installation and fitment. The design is very slim measuring at only 3/4 inch thin.

It comes with two different mounting shroud, one for headrest and one for visor, so you can easily mount this monitor.


7 inches digital widescreen monitor, LED back-lit display, high resolution: 480 x 234, brightness: 450 candela per meter square, slim design: 3/4 inch thin, 3.5 millimeters AUX input, mini USB input, FM transmitter, IR transmitter for wireless headphones, headrest mounting shroud, and visor mounting shroud.


  • High resolution LED display
  • Versatile slim design can be mounted in vehicle headrests, visors, or as a back up camera display
  • 3 Video inputs to connect different media sources for entertainment


  • 1 x Vission AM-70HM Graphite Gray 7" Digital High Resolution LED Headrest/Visor Monitor
  • 1 x Remote
  • Connecting Cables
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Warranty Card

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